NuWave Product Quality


  • Established product with deployments around the world

  • Manufactured in Ireland under ISO 9001

  • Monitors RESET® Air tested and accredited

  • QA includes full 20-minute device test before release
Beach on West Coast of Ireland - home of NuWave Sensor Technology Ltd

Industry leading, accredited sensors that you can configure to suit your project

  • RESET®️ Air tested & accredited

  • Compliance with WELL, RESET®️, LEED, fitwel

  • Modular design for flexible configuration

  • Plug & play operation

  • Wireless connection
  • Cloud monitoring software for performance status at a glance

    Our HEX interface is designed for simplicity with Red/Amber/Green indicators and real-time alerts enabling building managers to respond quickly to air quality issues. The interface can be used on desktop, mobile or a public display. There are no recurring fees.

    Established Delivery Model

    Formed in 2014, NuWave Sensors has developed a track record for product quality. All manufacturing is carried out in Ireland to ISO quality standards and our established supply chain ensures fast, resilient delivery. With ease of set-up and operation, the model is scalable for expanding across large portfolios of buildings.

    Integration with existing systems

  • System agnostic

  • API access for secure integration to platform of choice

  • BACnet integration for BMS/BAS

  • Data export facility
  • A flexible monitoring solution for a range of project types

    Workplace solutions

    Optimize environmental conditions for a healthy and productive workplace


    Enabling children and young people to thrive in a safe and productive learning  environment

    Simplifying certification

    Whichever standard you require to meet, our sensors system will simplify and automate the process