Collaboration Case Study: How AirSentric™ IAQ monitors integrate with the SMoCAI™ platform to deliver IAQ & HVAC performance solutions

by Vicente Pinto, Product Director, Aire Limpio            2nd November 2022
Tags: IAQ, on-demand ventilation, filtration, HVAC, energy efficiency, net-zero

Collaboration Case Study Aire Limpio NuWave


The collaboration between NuWave Sensors and IAQ engineering specialists Aire Limpio has delivered solutions to over 8 million sq. ft. of commercial real estate and public sector buildings. In his article, Aire Limpio’s Product Director, Vicente Pinto shares his views on:

  • Why the AirSentric monitoring system was selected by the Aire Limpio engineering team following a global search
  • How continuous monitoring of IAQ enables deployment of ventilation and filtration technologies
  • How the AirSentric system integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS) and Aire Limpio’s platform to deliver automated on-demand ventilation response


Aire Limpio for more than two decades has been a pioneer in ventilation and filtration technologies in Spain, providing cutting-edge technologies such as photocatalytic purification and active polarization filtration.

In 2019, in the search to keep up with the demand for technological systems associated with indoor air quality, Aire Limpio decided to go a step beyond electromechanical systems and enter the development of information technology systems that under the same umbrella would cover continuous monitoring, awareness and methods of taking automatic actions.

Developing Holistic Solutions Together

When Aire Limpio decided to carry out the development of an integral indoor air quality platform, the thinking was to seek a partner with a reliable and accurate monitoring platform as the fundamental basis for the entire development. This is the key point that would allow the development of a cloud system, with information regarding the quality of indoor air, that was useful for the occupants in the buildings, while automatic control actions could be executed to have a ventilation and filtration on demand scheme. This is how SMoCAI™ (Sistema para la Monitorización de la Calidad del Aire Interior), the Indoor Air Quality monitoring system, was born. A key point for the project was always to have reliable systems that were easy to implement and that allowed easy integration into the ecosystem of the platform being developed.

This is why, after multiple tests of numerous existing systems and review of different companies, Aire Limpio decided to collaborate with NuWave Sensors.

NuWave’s proven ability to deliver, to work hand in hand to provide hardware solutions, the ease of integration, and the speed in which the installation of its devices can be carried out with minimal interruption have allowed the AirSentric system to be a fundamental part of our SMoCAI platform.

Integration & Using the Data

SMoCAI today consists of a cloud system, which allows real-time monitoring of multiple parameters of air quality and the output to be displayed on screens distributed in the building. This allows users to know at all times the quality of indoor air, as well as enabling integration with clean air purification and filtration systems for automatic activation of ventilation and purification in real-time and on-demand.

This has been possible thanks to the ease of integration of NuWave’s HEX platform that allows data to be easily incorporated into our cloud. In addition, the collaboration with NuWave has allowed the development of connectivity under the BACnet and Modbus protocols, key protocols today for inclusion within BMS systems in buildings, allowing ventilation schemes on demand within any existing platform in buildings. All this has allowed us to deploy in more than 8 million sq ft of surface of buildings in Spain and Andorra, including buildings in the sectors of offices, hospitals, hotels, and real estate.


Plaza de la independencia 6, Madrid

mardid 22


C/ Julián Camarillo 31, Madrid

madrid 3


Av. De Bruselas 20, Alcobendas, Madrid

madrid 4


C/ Maria de Molina 39, Madrid



Edificio Cristalia
Avda. de los problasdos 3, Madrid

madrid 6


Residencia Ronald Mc Donald Menedez Pelayo 65, Madrid

madrid 7


Sede Allianz Madrid
C/ Ramirez Arellano 35, Madrid

madrid 8


Sede Allianz Barcelona
Carrer de Tarragona 109, Barcelona



Torre Diagonal Litoral B3
C/ Josep Pla 2, Barcelona



Calle Maria de Molina 36, Madrid



Centro Comercial Lagoh
Av. Palmas Altas 1, Sevilla



Edificio Botanic
C/ Josefa Valcarcel 43, Madrid

Commercial real estate office building


CBRE Madrid
Paseo de la Castellana 202



Centro Comercial Julia Onix
Av. Meritxell 79, Andorra



Centro Comercial Albacenter
C/ Alcalde Conangla S/N



Centro Comercial Anecblau
Av. Canal Olimpic 24, Barcelona


Centro Comercial Portal de La Marina
Av Costa Blanca 2, Alicante



Centro Comercial Gran Via de Vigo
Rua do Miradoiro 2, Vigo



Centro Comercial As Termas
Av. Infanta Elena 213, Lugo



Centro Comercial El Rosal
Av. De la Constitucion 2, Leon



Parque Comercial Abadia
Carretera Toledo a Bargas, CM-4003, s/n



Calle Valentin Beato 21, Madrid



Cruz Roja
Av Reina Victoria 26, Madrid



C/Almagro 40, Madrid



CBRE Barcelona
Av Diagonal 640, Barcelona



Yves Saint Laurent
C/ Alcala 12, Madrid

Worked Example

Through the last three years we have gained outstanding deployment timing. For example, on one typical project, the requirement was to deploy a system to comply with the WELL building standard and the scope was to cover all office areas occupied by tenants. 

We deployed 52 AirSentric monitors to measure dry-bulb temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter (PM1.0, 2.5, 4.0, 10.0), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and formaldehyde (CH2O) across the building.

As there were more than 15 tenants in the building, this involved working with many stakeholders. We successfully installed and commissioned the entire system in just two days’ time. This was achieved by having reliable wireless technology and the right partner to back it up.

Together, Aire Limpio and NuWave Sensors have created something greater than the sum of the parts.


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