Passionate about the air you breathe

Design and manufacture of Indoor Air Quality monitors for healthy, low-carbon buildings.


A Breath of Fresh Air


AirSentric is a brand of NuWave Sensors, founded in 2011 by Lisa Ainsworth and Professor Stephen Daniels, with the shared conviction that people should be able to rely on healthy air in their workplace, school and healthcare facilities.

The vision was to combine intelligent sensor and IoT technologies to make continuous air quality monitoring accessible to all building users. Operating initially from just a small workshop, an expert design team was put together which began the business of turning the plans into reality.

Today, in collaboration with specialist partners, the vision is being realised and NuWave’s AirSentric IAQ monitors are deployed in buildings all over the world. Bringing together expertise in engineering, building science, microbiology, software development and IoT systems, the business now operates from a purpose-built manufacturing facility on the West coast of Ireland with a Research & Development centre in Dublin and additional customer support locations in the UK and USA.

Air quality remains a key challenge of our time and NuWave is continuing to drive innovative solutions, including exciting plans for the latest flagship product groups, LumAir™️ and GlanAir™️.

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