Technical Specification

NuWave™️ Local HEX Monitoring System

Locally Accessible HEX Server for Offline Sensor Monitoring


The NuWave Local HEX Monitoring System is a full featured version of our cloud based HEX software that can be easily deployed on networks which do not have direct access to the internet or for customers who for security or operational reasons would prefer to access data on their local network.

The system features the same plug and play sensor setup that customers value for reliability and ease of setup, with the addition of a centrally managed HEX mini-computer server on which Local HEX is deployed, accessed and managed.

The easy installation of the sensors remains the same, however this system requires the user to add the HEX Local Server and assign a static IP address. The Zigbee to Ethernet gateway now directs sensor data to this local network address. Users can then access the system user interface directly or by remote logging into the HEX IP address from anywhere in the facility once it is on the same local network.


  • Full featured HEX sensor monitoring and analytics software available on local networks
  • Compatible with all NuWave Sensor products
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Locally accessible raw sensor data in CSV format
  • Direct access using HDMI
  • Support multiple logins from PC’s on the same network
  • Local HEX server provided fully installed with assigned user account credentials
  • One server typically required per installation
  • USB key-based software update system

Works with :