WELL Certification Simplified

The AirSentric™️ WB55 is designed for the WELL Building Standard, meeting the monitoring requirements for Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort.

✔ Parameter Range
✔ Accuracy Resolution
✔ Sampling Frequency
✔ Calibration
✔ RESET tested and certified

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Free guide to IAQ Monitoring for WELL

Optimise WELL points

An Indoor Air Quality monitor

The WB55’s modular design and unique parameter range means that it may be used to support up to 5 of the WELL v2 optimisation features in addition to 3 pre-condition features. The optimisation pathways are outlined in our free guide here.

The WB55 may be configured to either a standard SKU or bespoke SKU to suit the project objectives. 

WELL Project:

11 Belgrave Road

11 Belgrave Road Quadrum AirSentric for WELL aerial

WB55 AR10-B-118-A (standard SKU for WELL projects):

Temperature, Relative Humidty, Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), Particulate Matter, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)

Additional parameter options:

Ozone (O₃), Formaldehyde (CH₂O), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂)

Delivering Projects

From specification to deployment, from data collection to certification, AirSentric is about simplifying the process and supporting best outcomes. 

    ✔️Optimise WELL pointsWB55’s modular design and unique parameter range means that
WB55 sensor data may be used to support 5 optimisation features
in addition to the 3 pre-condition features.
    ✔️Live readings for WELL display
HEX dashboard with live readings & RAG status to achieve
occupant awareness requirements specified in A08 and T06.
    ✔️Smooth re-calibrationAnnual Calibration Programme to meet WELL v2 requirements with
no downtime.
    ✔️Ease of data submissionSubmitting data to the WELL digital platform simplified by flexible
interface options including API, BACnet/Modbus and data export to
    ✔️No subscription feesHEX software license included in device purchase.
    ✔️Trusted brandEstablished track record for WELL building standard projects.

Scoping your WELL Project ?

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